Trevor’s Bible

BibleWhen I first accepted Jesus as my Savior, I met two of the most remarkable people I have ever known. They were in their 60’s and I was in my 20’s. They sort of adopted me and took care of me in many ways, including spiritually. I saw them as my parents. They never judged me or tried to be responsible for my walk. They simply loved me and walked a life I wanted to emulate. They were named Trevor and Dolores.

Several years after Trevor’s death, his daughter asked me if I would like to have his Bible. With unspeakable gratitude, I accepted the worn Bible in its leather cover with tabs placed at the beginning of each book. I remembered Trevor telling me that as he got older he had trouble remembering where the books were located in the Holy Scriptures. The tabs provided him a way to find the books quickly and without frustration experienced by failing memory. Believe me, I understand that one now as I stand at the beginning of my 6th decade.

I use this Bible on a daily basis. True, I think I have become dependent upon the little tabs that tell me where each book is, in order to find my way around. But I wouldn’t give up this treasure with the little tabs for anything in the world for many reasons.

Being dependent upon a guide to the Bible reminds me that I am totally dependent upon God’s word to live my daily life. I have been reading the Bible for almost 40 years, and I have some idea where certain themes are. But I need to say that this is a book I could read all day for the rest of my life and never be able to know it all. The lessons are new each day, and I am grateful to be able to find referenced passages with ease.

Like me, Trevor wrote in the margins of his Bible. When I search the scriptures for understanding, comfort, and more knowledge of God, I find Trevor’s little notes. These were his way of recording his own revelations and understandings during his searches through the years. It is like he is still teaching me and loving me through his words, as I travel on my personal spiritual journey. I can clearly see his questions, his moments of epiphany and his sense of humor. What gifts these are – what blessings!!

Perhaps one of the most poignant things about this book is that as I use it, I gain more gratitude each day for God’s word and for the people He sent to grow me spiritually. Like all people in close relationship, Trevor and I had our disagreements. But this man truly loved the Lord with all his heart, soul and mind. I find myself humbled that even through separation by the curtain of death he continues to show me what that looks like.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Trevor.

Copyright February 2012
Lakewood, CO 80401

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