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A Room of My Own

a room of my ownWhen you were a child, did you ever ask for a room of your own? I did. I always dreamt about that room, what I would put in it, what it would look like. And I can honestly say I have never realized that dream until this past month, when my husband and I began to remodel our basement. In our large basement is a small room that until now has been just right for storage of the stuff our world tells us we cannot live without. But by my light, it represented the opportunity to resurrect a childhood dream of a space of my own. After a lot of work, furniture moving and much help from my guy and two special girlfriends, I sat for the first time in my room. I want to tell you about it. Okay?

It is a room no more than 9 feet x 12 feet. The walls are painted peach, and the carpet is beige/brown/rust earth tones. In this little space I have three book cases, (did you expect less?). These cases are not entirely book heavy, but filled enough to represent my literary interests from Little Women and the poems of Tennyson to the use of herbs and aromatherapy. It is my reading room.

I have a special place for my Bibles, commentaries and devotional books. And my reading chair faces my favorite picture – a pencil drawing of the Lord gently holding a lamb to his chest with his scarred, nail-pierced hands. Lord, have I said thank you today? It is my praising, praying and “thank you” room.

There is one bookcase shelf filled with records (yes friends, LPs, 33 1/3 speed, vinyl) from the 60’s and 70’s running through jazz, classical, folk, rock and roll and spirituals. I play the music of my generation (on a turntable) with great joy and fond memories. This is my listening room.

On top of the record-holding bookcase sits a picture of my son when he was 3 years of age next to a picture of his daughter at the age of 4. These pictures are not far from wedding pictures taken on February 14, 1993, when I became Mrs. Keith Padgett. This is my loving room.

Dispersed among records, books and pictures are some (but not too many) of my special friends – ceramic and stuffed pandas, puffins and a carving from the early 1900’s made by my late father-in-law. The wood has been carved into the shape of my favorite cartoon character – Popeye. Besides me, he probably was the only other person I knew who could eat spinach in any form at any time of day and be as happy as most folks are with chocolate. This is my fun room.

There is a sign hanging on one wall that quotes Max Lucado and it says, “God dances amongst the common.” This hangs above a brightly hand-painted cross from New Mexico. There are many crosses in our home but this is my favorite because it has vibrant colors and wonderful patterns. It reminds me how much I love to choreograph new patterns but also love to freely express my love and prayers in dances led by the Holy Spirit. This is my dreaming and dancing room.

There is so much more dear friends to tell you but you will just have to come and see it for yourselves. I was inspired by two very creative and talented ladies to make this my own space. And so, it is my living, loving, reading, asking, listening, seeking, dancing, crying, praising, praying corner of our little house in the middle of a very big, busy and distraction-riddled world.

Tonight when I went in, closed the door for the first time and unwrapped my dream of almost 60 years, I saw confusion in my husband’s eyes. I told him, “My dearest love, please don’t feel hurt. I am not closing you out. I am closing me in – for just a little while. I will be back to you soon and I want to bring back a woman more healthy and happy each time I emerge from this lovely space – this room of my own.”

Copyright May 2012
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