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Lenten Lessons 2014 – Standing in the In-Between Times

In March, I blogged about entering the Lenten season with an open heart and a willingness to let burdens go. Now, as I look toward the end of Lent, I feel compelled to share one of the many precious and tender lessons God has taught me about His sacrifice and how that sacrifice calls me to live in this world.

In the Gospel of Luke it says, “But on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they came to the tomb, taking the spices that they had prepared” (Luke 24:1 NIV). I have read and reread this verse throughout Holy Week. As I meditated upon it, there was a truth that dawned on me. This dawning was similar to the early light spreading over the empty tomb on the first Easter morning.

I continued to hear the words, “in the early dawn.” In my mind’s eye I saw that brief period of time between darkness and light. I realized that Lent is about standing in the in-between time. It is about the journey from darkness to light, and basking in the sweet Holy Presence often living more intensely in the borderline moments.

Perhaps more than any blessing I have received, this gem is one I will take, from this season, that will serve me daily – in times of doubt, in times of uncertainty, and in times of waning faithfulness. And as I walk to, and pray at, the cross during the last few days and hours of Holy week, I will be bathed in the light that always follows the darkness. And I will not be afraid of the in-between time ever again. It is during that early dawn when my soul is on bended knees with open hands to release the burdens and make room for the blessings. Then I will rise in the light and walk toward and on the path He has prepared for me.

I pray you will have a similar epiphany in a season that is full of them. And you will say, from your heart and knees, “Thank you , Lord. I no longer need these pieces of unnecessary baggage. I want to just drop them right here.”

Some of my blog readers and Facebook friends are not of the same faith tradition that I practice. But still I call you family because another gift of this season is the lighting of the heart fire reinforcing the truth, “We all belong to each other.”

Bless your Easter celebration my beloved sisters and brothers. Bless your in-between times with rich worship and valuable life lessons. I luv ya.


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  1. This is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this epiphany. It goes along with some of my processing of joy in the midst of sorrow and struggle. Sweet blessings on your day.

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