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Sisters, all are we

We are all beautiful
We are all beautiful

“Oh, I am so jealous,” the lady in the Starbucks parking lot said to my sister, Mary, and me. “My sister lives in Seattle and we see each other very seldom. She is my only sibling.”

This proclamation came from a woman Mary and I almost bumped into as we were making our way into the store for our morning coffee. We excused ourselves in unison which made the stranger laugh. We rather do resemble munchkins, (being only 5 feet tall), and when we answered together, it really was funny. We joined her in the laughter.

She then asked if we were sisters and we told her we were. She asked if we got to spend a lot of time together. We told her we are together as much as possible. Tears welled up in her eyes and she made the above statement.

Without thinking, although Mary and I do tend to think almost identical thoughts from time to time, we each took one side of her in a group hug and said, “You can be our sister too if you want.”

Sister and I assured her there was plenty of room in our sisterhood circle and she was most welcome. I did tell her she would have to darken her hair a little, for the continuity of the family photo and all. She told us it was a small price to pay and she would get back to us on that. She went to her car and we went to meet our pumpkin spice lattes.

As we parted company she looked over her shoulder and called, “Have a nice day, sisters.”

We responded, “Nice day to you too, sister.”

As we enjoyed our coffee, Mary grinned at me and said, “That was fun. I think we cheered her up.”

“Yep,” I said, “one more for Christmas Dinner.” Sister winked.

Now, I may never see that lady again but here is the deal friends. There is no need to be competitive, compare ourselves to, or envy each other. Our job is to build each other up, however that may look. That day my sis and I helped a lady who was missing her only sibling. And she gave us a wonderful gift too. She reminded us how lucky we are to have each other and time to spend together.

Our beautiful Savior demonstrated loving others as we travel this ole world. Maybe there is a dear one in your life who needs to feel the love of another woman and know she is always in kinship. Perhaps there is a stranger who has been put in your path because she needs to belong. Help her darlings. Because see in the end, sisters all are we. Okay?

Have a great day sisters.

Copyright Sept. 2015
Laura L. Padgett
Lakewood, Colorado

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4 thoughts on “Sisters, all are we”

  1. “There is no need to be competitive, compare ourselves to, or envy each other. Our job is to build each other up, however that may look.” Absolutely, yes! Thank you for this challenge and reminder. Stopping by from (last week’s) #TheocentricThursdays!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. Our world tells us to compete, compare and envy. For what? Our God calls us to love, uplift and nurture. I have to be reminded about that too because it is a heavy push to be something besides who He calls us to be. But together, we can do just what He wants us all to be. Blessings,


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