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For Such a time as This

“I’m tired, God. I don’t want to write anymore.” This was my cry one night after my second book launched.

The book took three years to write and another six months to put into publishing format. Now the work began. The marketing journey seemed impossible from my lens. Searching for  book signing opportunities was time-consuming. The demands of on-line marketing and promotions left me no time, or energy, to consider new writing projects.

God’s silence on the matter led me to believe He was in agreement with this course of action. I told my husband I was freeing my time up so I could do things I was meant to do, as soon as God told me what those were. I admit I was not totally at peace with this revelation. But I figured I would come into comfort with “our” decision as time passed.

A week later, my husband and I went on a mission trip to the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado. Eureka, new direction was revealed.

While we were on the trip, I met a young lady named Esther. At one of the prayer times I noticed Esther sitting in a corner and writing in a journal. I approached her and asked if she liked to write. She said she did and we began to talk about the writer’s life.

I’ve always loved the name Esther. The story of Queen Esther’s remarkable life and mission is one of my favorites in the Bible. The book of “Esther” tells of a beautiful young Jewish girl who was sent to the court of the Persian King Xerxes (or Ahasuerus), when he was searching for a new queen. Esther was chosen to fulfill that role.

During her reign, it became necessary for Queen Esther to admit she was Jewish. This was in attempt to stop Xerxes’ administration from destroying her people, the Jews, exiled in Persia.  Esther was not keen on the idea until her uncle told her that perhaps she was in this position, “For such a time as this” (Esther 4:14 NIV).

During the mission week in Alamosa, the young writer Esther and I became friends. We talked about writing, music and even led the congregation in a dance to the song, “We are Family.”  When the trip ended, Esther and I agreed to meet weekly, so we could continue talking about writing while enjoying beverages at Starbucks.

I was thrilled at God’s idea of how I would use my education and experience in the world of writing without actually, well…writing.

At our first meeting we explored some aspects of writing, talked about what we liked to write and how our future time together might look. At the conclusion of our coffee date, I assigned Esther a project for the following week. She asked, “What will you write, Laura?”

“Me? What? Well I don’t… I mean I really hadn’t thought… I guess I could…” I stammered. Then it hit me. I was not finished writing at all. God had a plan not only for me to help a budding writer, but to keep me moving along the path He set before me several years before I published anything.

The frequent coffee/writing times with Esther are precious. We have expanded our art exploration to the Denver Art Museum and have discovered we share a passion for fashion and many other areas of art including dance (don’t you know?).

I don’t consider myself as important as the nation of Israel when it comes to being rescued. But I believe that in my self-imposed exile from writing, God sent a beautiful young lady to help me find my way back to doing His will. I am convinced that Esther entered my world how she did, and when she did, for just such a time as this.

For Esther, my friend, my student and my teacher.


Copyright January 2019
Laura L. Padgett
Lakewood, Colorado

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10 thoughts on “For Such a time as This”

    1. Yes, she is quite something Laurel. And again I am reminded, as we have said so many times, our writing and our craft as well as experience and education are not really about us at all. They are to share. And when we share, we get back too!!! Thanks for your comment.

  1. Oh, Laura – I really love this! Thank you. God sends us the right people at the right time, just for what we need. I love how your personality comes out in your writing. You have so much wisdom and life experiences to share.

  2. This makes my heart sing! God is faithful in nudging us back into our true calling. Esther needs you — and clearly, we all need your voice as an author and encourager!

    1. Thank you Kathy for your comment. I am so grateful you read my post. I pray God will help me to return to blogging this year as most of last was spent on writing, publishing and now marketing my new book. Your words made my heart sing to know someone is encouraged by the work He has assigned me to do. Thank you and bless you today.

  3. “I was thrilled at God’s idea of how I would use my education and experience in the world of writing without actually, well…writing.” This made me laugh out loud!!

    You are always writing, Laura, sometimes with script online or paper—and other times with your sweet attention to others like Esther. Jer 31:33

  4. Thank you for sharing! Love your heart for the Lord and the opportunities of “God appointments” with others that we could never plan the way He does.

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