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Accidental signing

“I know you. Well, I know your name anyway, and I’ve heard of this book.”

These words were spoken by a woman I had never met before (to my knowledge). I had handed her my business card to provide contact information because she and another party were traveling together when they were involved in a car accident. This happened right in front of my husband and me. We witnessed a car try to crowd their lane, hit them and leave the scene. Keith recorded the license number and we gave it to the gentleman driving the car that was hit.

When we got off the main road and into a parking lot, we assessed the situation to see if there were injuries. Thanks be to God, no injuries were sustained. Then the police were called.

While waiting for the officer to arrive I asked the woman with my card, “Where did you hear of me and my book?”

She said “I don’t remember where I saw this but the title of this book caught my attention somewhere.” She continued looking at the images on my card.

The police officer arrived and began taking the accident details. The lady who knew my book, (and knew of me apparently), asked how to get a copy. She said she had been thinking of buying the book. I told her I had several in the trunk of my car as I had been selling books along the way on our latest road trip.

During the next several minutes the lady, who was no longer a stranger, and I discussed the book. She wanted to know how I came up with the title, why I write short stories and why I wrote these in particular.

She bought a copy of Jesus in Shorts, asked me to autograph it and said she was looking forward to reading it and sharing it with others. I thanked her in my fog of a whirlwind experience in the middle of Moscow, Idaho where we witnessed a hit and run accident, came to the aid of strangers and sold a book – all within an hour’s time and almost 1,000 miles from home.

With details settled and police report completed, everyone went their own way. Keith and I got in our car and drove for dozens of miles before either of us spoke. Then he asked, “Who would ever believe this story?”

I knew who would believe it. I called my sister, Mary, and told her what happened. She said, “Whoa. Laura, you have to write this story. ” Sister is always right.

As Keith and I continued on our way I reflected, “It is unfortunate people will sometimes leave the scene of an accident, especially if they caused it. But one thing is for sure. The woman we just met was meant to have a personalized copy of Jesus in Shorts. And by God’s lens, there are no accidents.”

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    1. Thank you for reading this my sister. It took me several days to write this. Wanted to put just what God wanted me to say to show how His awesome hand is in everything. I hope she will be touched by His words in this book. Mostly I thank Him for touching me with His actions in such an unexpected way. Blessings to you.

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