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Story of the Hummingbird

Hummingbird Story-Pot

Shared with me by Kori Guy

       This is a story-pot about how the hummingbird saved the humans. In the Navajo way, as told by my clan (To’ Aheed Lii’ni) there was a miss-use of powers by the humans that the Holy People gave them.  They were abusing their women, and abusing their children, and the use of the water that they were given to bless themselves with and a miss-use of spiritual gifts as well.

       Because of the Holy People’s discouragement towards the Humans, the Holy People decided to remove all water.  Soon there was a great draught, and Humans began to be sorry for their miss-use of the gifts the Holy People had given them and prayed for forgiveness, and for the return of the water.  Eagle heard them and tried to fly to the Sun to ask for water to be returned. As he tried to fly too close to the sun, Eagle got burned in the process, and being discouraged, sadly returned to Earth, unable to find the water.  Hummingbird was touched by Eagle’s attempt to help the humans, so she decided to do what she could.  Though she was so small, she knew about water and Rainbow Woman being the main bringer of water, and, though the trip seemed impossible, she wanted to help the Humans. After all, they planted and cultivated the flowers Hummingbird loved so much, and because the humans loved flowers, Hummingbird could see they had some good in them still.

Hummingbird went to Eagle, helped him heal, and in return, asked for help to ride to the Sun.  Maybe if they worked together, they could find the water and save the Humans.  So Eagle offered his back for Hummingbird to ride on, to save her strength, and to take her as far as he could. When they got close to the Sun, Hummingbird took off, flying as hard as she could.  She wanted to do this herself, and knew just what she needed to say to the Holy People to show them that the humans were worth saving.

       Hummingbird flew into the Rainbow, took on the colors of the rainbow dewdrops and talked to Rainbow Woman. She promised that as long as there were Humans, she would fly to them, reminding them of the beauty that was within each of them, by showing them the colors of the rainbow, how water was precious, and how even though Hummingbird was the smallest of all creatures,  she could do the impossible. 

        Hummingbird was charged with teaching Humans that miracles are possible if only they believe and act is if it is done.  Rainbow Woman loved Hummingbird for her valiant heart and great self-less love, so she gave Hummingbird the gift of water to take back to Humans. Hummingbird and Eagle flew back to Earth with the water, plunging the crystal back into the Earth where it belonged, and warned Humans to always be careful with how they used water.  They were told to keep it pure and use it only for the most precious of uses.  Ever since that time, Hummingbird and Eagle have always been special messengers for Humans, giving us life and hope  and a special connection to the Spirit World.  They also remind us that we are to take care of one another, showing love and thoughtfulness, so we don’t lose the water again.

       This help they can give us only if we learn to ask for help from them, and learn to listen to the answers.  So are we listening to the Holy People?

Ahe’hee’ (Thank you),

Kori Guy- Dine’ Woolchoo’n (Navajo Quilt),,

P.O Box 287, Chiloquin, OR 97624, 541-887-9013

In a time when we are being taught to fear others on all levels who are different from us, I find myself in frustration and spiritual dispair. Then recently, I ran across this story I was given years ago by my dear friend and Sister in the Lord, Kori Guy, Navajo/Cherokee To’ Aheed Lii’ni (Where the Water FlowsTogether Clan). Kori wrote this story down and presented it to me along with the hummingbird pot. I have never forgotten it. I wept as I revisited this story, held this pot close to my heart and prayed, “Father can we please remember that we are all precious in your site and should be precious in the site of each other. Please turn us from our wicked me-ness and return us to a heart of loving as you love, caring for as you care for, and respecting because you love and care for us so deeply. May we dare to work for the good of all no matter how small we see ourselves. Amen”

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5 thoughts on “Story of the Hummingbird”

  1. Laura, I enjoyed this story so much and am going to save it so that I can re-read it many times over. Blessings, Pat

    1. Thank you so much Pat. You of all people know the lessons nature’s creatures can teach us if we will but be willing to learn. So grateful for you and for reading my posts. This one is so special to me as is my friend Kori Guy. What a beautiful image she presented us to be in step with belonging to and taking care of each other. Blessings and hope you are well.

  2. I love this story Laura!! I love hummingbirds & Eagles ❤️ Our society could really benefit from this practice! Especially right now😳. We need to work together to find our source! Thank you ❤️❤️

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