About Laura

Laura received her MA from Regis University in “Storytelling Through Creative Movement.” In 2011, she began a blog to offer encouragement to others through faith, experience, humor, and authenticity.

She is an award-winning author who has been published by several book publishers including Chicken Soup for the Soul and Xulon Press. She has won award from national writing competitions include one from Writer’s Digest in the fall of 2017.

Her first book,”Dolores,Like the River” (Westbow Press 2013) spent twelve weeks on her publisher’s best-seller list. In her debut novella, she chronicles her journey from dysfunction and disbelief into a relationship with Jesus Christ and entrance into recovery from the affects of alcoholic/abusive parents. She credits her journey into healing and wholeness to the Lord Jesus and the remarkable older women He sent to guide her into a life of healthy choices.

Her second book, published in 2018, is called, “Jesus in Shorts: Twenty-Five Short Stories of Life-Changing Jesus Moments.” In this collection of non-fiction stories, Laura reflects how Jesus teaches, mentors, encourages and cares for us through even the smallest and most mundance life occurrances. She helps us see Him in everything from homeless shelters to the densist’s chair.

She is an avid dancer and has competed in, performed and taught Irish Ceili (party) dance. She holds several gold and silver medals in Irish Dance, as well as prizes for competitions in clogging and tap dance. She has danced from California to Ottawa.

Laura ministers through the arts of liturgical dance and oral storytelling at ladies retreats, workshops, churches, and festivals in her home state of Colorado as well as around the country. She uses her training in dance, writing, and storytelling to help others find ways to self-define beauty, accept their entire self including their bodies, and walk into the power of forgiveness and reconciliation in relationships.

She and her husband, Keith, live in Lakewood, Colorado. They love to travel, garden, watch all things BBC and spend as much time as possible in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Laura has one son, two step-children, three grandchildren, and three grand dogs.

If you are interested in having her present or lead a workshop at one of your events, as a speaker, storyteller or dancer, please contact her at lauraleepadgett@gmail.com.

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