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  1. Hello Laura,
    Joy, a friend of mine just shared your hairspray/Lysol story. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me.
    You see, Joy and I often share our own Oh-Oh’s. They include things like; driving past our exit on the interstate to paying for an order at McDonald’s and then driving right past the pick up window….out of the parking lot! We have picked up patients personal items like eye glasses and iPads fully thinking they were our own.
    Plus so many, many other little gems that have provided us with lots of shared laughter. But most importantly, these stories help us feel more “normal”, especially so when our younger friends share similar stories.
    Well, today it was my turn to to call my friend and tell her my Oh-Oh. Earlier today at work, I went to the restroom. I know, nothing too special about that, right?
    Well, being the multitasker that I am, I was washing my hands, looking in the mirror and thinking about my day. As I was checking out my hair I said, ” whew this needs some hairspray” closed my eyes, held my breath and started spraying away. Then opened my eyes and took a nice breath in….full of Lysol! Not so normal, especially since I work at a medical clinic, and was in a shared (patients/staff) bathroom, that has never, ever had hairspray in it.
    Considering I hate the smell of Lysol, my co-workers were dying laughing as my eyes were watering and I coughed and sputtered out of the bathroom door!
    At least you can say you were at home when your Lysol event took place! Just thought you might appreciate knowing you are part of a greater Oh-Oh sisterhood (or yoyo sisterhood, as my husband would say) 😜

    1. Tammy,

      Thank you so much for sharing this. Lately I have not been blogging as I am working on two new books and being the Captain of the Golden, Colorado Elves as we run all over town and make merry insanity with the communities. But I also have been asking God recently if writing is something He wants me to continue to do and if so, I need to return with the enthusiasm He gave me to begin with. Your response was just the boost I needed. I will resume work on my second and third book for 2017 and keep on blogging. I even got an idea for a book called, “The Sisterhood of the Oh Oh Sisters), based on your story. But I could change the name to the Oh-No Sisters if you like. Just lovely. I was watching a show this a.m. and on an ad some women came on talking about how much they hate their selfies because they just look so old and bad. Right, well maybe it is time for us to stop with the silly, vane and impossible task of looking and being perfect and admit that we are just human people who make mistakes and then laugh at the absurdity of it all. Thanks again. You have helped me and it meant more than you could know.


      Sister Laura (Captain of the Elves and grateful member of the Oh Oh Sisterhood)

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