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Since retiring from my paid employment in 2010, I have launched a writing career. In addition to my blog, I have published two books and several short story pieces. These have all been published from 2013 to the present. I intend to continue writing, submitting and hopefully publishing. Stay tuned for more announcements of my writing endeavors.  But for now these are my published works.

Jesus with an award

This is my latest book, released on June 30, 2018.  In “Jesus in Shorts: Twenty-five Short Stories of Life-Changing Jesus Moments,” I’ve chronicled real-life stories from my real life. I meet Jesus in the most unexpected places and in the most unusual circumstances. Some of these encounters have been in places like the dentist’s chair, during my role as a Christmas elf, while driving my classic VW Beetle, in the middle of family crisis and many many more.

In the fall of 2018, “Jesus in Shorts” won honorable mention in the American Bookfest Best Book Awards. In May of 2019, this book was named a finalist out of thousands of entries in the Eric Hoffer Book Awards. Two of the stories have been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul Books. One story, “One Foot and Then the Other” won honorable mention in 2017 Writer’s Digest Short Story Writing Contest. Yet another story, “Mama’s Ring Ring” won second place in 2015 Xulon Press National Writing contest and appears in their anthology “Letters to America.”

WD awardAmerican book festHoffer Finalist


Buy now at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
21 reviews for “Jesus in Shorts” on Amazon. 

Dolores, Like the River Book Cover

In a time when the world appears to worship all things youthful, sometimes aging is seen as synonymous with diminished value and purpose. Because of this cultural posture, as older adults, we can be reluctant to accept God’s call to share His truth and wisdom from the lens of an authentic life lived in His care. But accept that call is what Dolores did when she took an assignment to mentor, nurture, and mother a broken young woman who was running from abuse and dysfunction while heading down a road presenting self-destructive choices.

Dolores was sixty-five years old, had raised two children, taught hundreds, and was enjoying peaceful retirement years, with her life’s partner, in a sleepy mountain town in western Colorado. Then she met Laura, who was in her mid-twenties. God had a purpose for bringing these two women together. Dolores recognized God’s plans and committed herself to being Christ’s hands, feet, and heart on the road to turning a hurting, frightened, and angry spiritual refugee into a woman of God, wife, mother, artist, and scholar.

As you follow the narrative of their thirty-five-year relationship, it may change the way you see beauty and purpose in aging. And it may convince you of or reinforce your belief in the God who spares no effort when reaching out to the broken and lost. The blessings to both women are too many to be counted. It is likely that the blessings to the reader will also be too many to be counted.

Available now at Westbow Press, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.
42 five-star reviews for “Dolores, Like the River” on Amazon.

All things are possible“Silver and Gold.” Sometimes we feel we are too old, don’t have the right stuff, or cannot possibly realize a dream. And sometimes we just need to follow our dream anyway. Who knows, maybe you too can capture gold in your lifetime if you can just think it possible.

Available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Ahh the joys of the Holidays“It’s for Everyone.” Is Christmas for you this year? Do you ever think about the true meaning of Christmas and how it can or does apply to your life? Sometimes it takes a small child to pose a heart-wrenching question to help rock us into the reality of evaluating who we are and what we believe.

Available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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