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In the first several sessions of this podcast, we  explore some of the myths, truths, beauties and challenges of the aging process. One aspect of aging that fits all of the above is caregiving. My guest today is Nadine Roberts Cornish is a lady who takes care of those who take care of others. She helps shed light on some of the challenges we may face and the resources that are available as we face those challenges as caregivers and as those who are receiving care.  Nadine points out that there is no way a caregiver cannot be changed to reach their higher self when on the caregiver journey.

She defines conscious caregiving as caring on purpose with intent and a plan. She shares stages of caregiving and resources for finding help and support for the caregiver in the journey of caring for a loved one or friend.

Nadine attended the University of New Orleans where she studied Business Administration.  In 2013  she earned a professional Certification in Gerontology from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.   She is also a Certified Senior Advisor, Freedom Coach and Elite Life Coach and Founder of the TSE Master Mind Group for women business owners.  

Through her two published books, Tears in My Gumbo: The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience and Prayers in My Gumbo: The Caregiver’s Recipe for Peace, she offers valuable and authentic insights and encouragement into the caregivers journey.

To purchase her books or reach out to Nadine for services her company provides for caregivers contact her at https://tcgcares.com

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Every age and stage offer us opportunity to enjoy beauty, growth, grace and purpose. Dismissing the messages that others put on us that attempt to define us, especially as we become older, is the first step into enjoying the life we have been given. We are loved, cherished and important to God in all our places and spaces on life’s journey. The aging process is not to be devalued, avoided or dismissed as not worthy of honor.

Join Laura on her first solo episode as she describes why she lives by the philosophy that when the going gets tough, the tough get creative.

Website for Stephen Ray Watts and the band Dotseo https://dotseroband.com

Website to connect with Laura Padgett https://lauralpadgett.com

The regular, weekly episodes of this podcast will begin on my 70th birthday of June 9, 2021.

This is the pilot episode for my podcast. In it, I explain my process of overcoming fear of technology as well as dismantling and dismissing negative messages fueling doubt around completing this project.  

We can achieve new goals, find varied ways of creating and sharing our gifts no matter our stage or age.  We can be defeated by lack of confidence that is based in misinformation or the wrong belief about our limitations. The only person who can limit us is ourselves. 

Bio: Laura is a multi-awarded author of two books, available on her website, as well as a dancer, public speaker and storyteller. For information on how to buy her books, schedule her for a speaking engagement or teach a class on dance or writing, see her website at the address listed below.  If you want to follow her storytelling blog, that is also available on her website.

Laura’s website: https://lauralpadgett.com/

Website for music from Dotsero Band: https://dotseroband.com/

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  1. I’m eager to watch this bloom open! Happy birthday, and congratulations, Laura!

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