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Season 1, Episode 29

I spent ten years as Captain of the Elves on the team called Rebels Without a Claus. During that time, I was privileged to be with some of the most selfless, generous, loving women I’ve ever known. We were volunteers in making merry, bringing cheer and joy to each Christmas Season in and around the Denver Metro Area. There are hundreds of stories of our adventures that we could share. And in this episode, we have chosen to share a few of those in an effort to help others see that, although we are entertainers to a point, our real job was to bring smiles, hope and joy to the Christmas Holidays that often can be riddled with stress. As the job evolved over a decade, it became clear that this was a ministry of sorts in our communities.

The ladies joining me on this episode bring tales of some of the funniest and the most touching moments they experienced while in costumes as Santa’s helpers. As they continue the legacy, even though the Capt. has retired, it is the hope of the team that we not only relate why we do this special work, but that we will inspire listeners to be in service, and maybe even ministry, in some way in your communities too.

Blessings and Merry Christmas from Rebels Without a Claus and their retired Captain.

The song for this episode is called, “The Perfect Gift” and is provided by Stephen Ray Watts and the band Dotsero. Their contact information can be found at https://dotseroband.com

The website to connect with Laura Padgett https://lauralpadgett.com

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  1. I’m eager to watch this bloom open! Happy birthday, and congratulations, Laura!

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