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Season 1, Episode 20

The unspeakable pain of losing a child, at any age, is our topic today as my guest shares her journey and her pivot forward from that agony. Gwendolyn Burton lost her adult son to a seizure from his epilepsy. In the hours, days, weeks, months and years since his passing she has walked a path of deep dark days, tears that spoke to God for her pain as she could not, and seeing truths about how we are taught to grieve loss and how we often “try” to help those who are grieving.

In this episode, Gwen talks about her observation of not wanting to show her true pain because she did not want to cause others to hurt. This is an all-too-common place for those grieving loss to find themselves in. Once Gwen decided she needed to be real to heal, she knew she needed to dismiss the idea that others’ pain was more important than her healing through authenticity.

She says she will never be totally healed from this wound until she is reunited with her precious son, Miles, in their eternal home. She also notes that her earthly healing has been increased by reaching out to others. Gwen founded Sister’s in Solace (SiS), a support group for mothers of child loss, and is currently writing her first book, “You Don’t Know Just How I Feel.” Additionally, she is keeping Miles’ legacy alive by establishing the Christopher Miles Burton Memorial Scholarship.

To find out more about Gwen, her upcoming book, the CMB Scholarship or to reach out to her please visit:  https://www.gwendolynoburton.com

The website for Stephen Ray Watts and the band Dotsero https://dotseroband.com 

The website to connect with Laura Padgett https://lauralpadgett.com

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