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Season 1, Episode 26

Author, podcaster and blogger Sarah Geringer shares some practical tips around how to simplify the holiday season and put perfectionism at bay this year. She tells authentic stories around lessons she has learned on her parental journey about what can serve as avenues to author meaningful and memorable holidays.

By dismissing the three handmaidens of perfectionism – comparison, competition and control, we can relax into peace this season. Yes, we can do this. We discussed Sarah’s book, “Christmas Peace for Busy Moms”. In her book as well as this interview Sarah and I discuss ways to make relationships the priority for the holiday celebrations, have reasonable expectations of ourselves and others and modeling healthy values around spending and holiday participation for our children.

To learn more about Sarah’s books, blog, speaking topics and podcasts, check out her website at https://www.sarahgeringer.com/. You can reach out to her there to find where she is located on other social media sites as well as how to connect with her.

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