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Season 1, Episode 24

In the Bible Jesus said, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect” Matt 5:48 NIV. But did He really mean He expects us to be perfect? James Early, Bible Study teacher, blogger and host of “The Bible Speaks to You” podcast, joins me today to help us unpack the language in this verse so we can examine what Jesus really meant.

In this series of “Livin’ What You’re Given,” we are seeking to help dismiss the myths and pressures around the idea that we can and should attain perfection. James reminds us that as we see ourselves as perfect, we often feel others are less than, even in the body of Christ, if they do not do things as we do or see things as we see them.

As we walk into the halls of the castle that houses the Queen Perfection, supported by her handmaidens of Comparison, Competition and Control, we see that even in the relationships with the Disciples and Jesus, there was evidence of the unhealthy elements that support perfectionism. It is possible for us to identify and put aside the perfectionistic traits that harm us, our families, our churches and often remove the joy and peace of our holidays.

To learn more about James Early and his podcast, check him out at https://thebiblespeakstoyou.com/podcast. And he has a special gift for those who have listened to this episode on my podcast if you go to his website https://thebiblespeakstoyou.com/livin/

And do check out episode 103 to hear more about James’ take on the perfectionistic attitude.

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