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Season 1, Episode 23

Tis the season to be jolly, generous, family-oriented and oh yes…Perfect, right? Wrong.

Please tune into this episode where I describe why I think this is such an important time of year to dismiss the Queen Perfectionism, supported by her three handmaidens or court assistants – comparison, competition and control. When we focus on being better than, doing more than and holding onto controlling all outcomes, we risk not only loss of joyful parts of the season, but damaging relationships and authoring deterioration of our serenity and mental health.

Drawing from lessons I learned as I spent years performing, competing in and teaching the art of dance, we discuss the damage to the soul when our goal is perfection. Let’s try to find ways to put Her Majesty and her handmaidens out the door for our Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would love to hear how you are showing the Queen the door this year too. You can reach me at the contact info on my website below. You can also find my blog entree and other podcast episodes there.

To connect with Laura go to https://lauralpadgett.com

“The Queen’s Court” composed and performed by Gabriel Tafoya. You can reach him at gtmeanboyz@gmail.com

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  1. I’m eager to watch this bloom open! Happy birthday, and congratulations, Laura!

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