Dance is an ancient art form that expresses emotions, communicates stories, identifies cultures, and is a form of worship. In Zimbabwe there is a saying, “If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance.” I believe dance lives in the deep roots of our hearts, our heritage and our desire to bring a new dimension to the spiritual part of our beings. By far, my favorite dance form is done for and with the Lord, Jesus Christ, and in community with others. I have been blessed to enjoy over twenty years of sacred/liturgical dance as a teacher, participant and spectator to express love, prayer and worship in movement.

When we are free, the dance is for, about, and with Him.

Be Thou my Vision, Oh Lord of My Heart. Regis Blessing of the New Year Celebration 2005
Faith Lutheran Church Steps of Faith Dance Team 2007
Fall on your knees. Faith Lutheran Church, Christmas 2010
“Oh Holy Night” Faith Lutheran Church Christmas 2010

Some dances lend themselves to a soloist. But my favorite dancing is done with my dancing mates.

The Sound of Silence. The price of silencing even one voice is a sword through the soul of the collective.
Picture by John J. Kyler Photography
Irish Dancer
Next to Sacred Dance, Irish Step Dance is me heart. Spent years on those toes. Love this art form. Photo by Sandee Flanagan
Irish Dance Group
Once Upon a December Destination Dance troupe 2013     Photo by Sandee Flanagan
Ladies clogging team Destination Dance bringing it home with a big Yee Haw. “Amos Moses.” Photo by Sandee Flanagan
Dancing at Disneyland to “Let’s Get Loud,” by Jennifer Lopez. High steppin’ tap dance.
Team photo. Disneyland California summer 2001
Ladies Clogging Team U. S. National Platinum Medal Winners. Sheer Talent Competition 2013 Las Vegas
Christmastime on the 16th Street Mall, Denver Colorado 2014
Lady cloggers kicking up our heels in Golden, Co 2014
A wee Christmas jig for the Candlelight Walk in Downtown Golden December 2009 Regis Ceili Dancers kicking it
Santa is the best boss ever. The late Warren Howard. Loved him. Miss him.

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  1. Are you still doing worship dance? I am from Berthoud, CO on the front range and now live in Montrose. Around the time of your photos I also was involved in dance ministry. If you still are I would love to talk to you. Here is my email:

    1. Will send you an email in the morning. Thanks so much for reaching out. Have had a very busy and kinda crazy two days, but am just delighted to hear from you. Blessings on your evening.


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